Route Name - Timau

Distance to summit - 36 kms

Altitude at the start - 2700ft,8,860ft

Summit - Point Lenana.

Altitude at summit- 4985m,16,355ft.


Day 1

Transfer to the road head of the Timau route north of Timau Town at 2700 meters above sea level.

The hike starts off at the start of the moorland zone and takes you up through patches of bamboo and Heather. Lunch on the rim of the crater offers a chance to see some of the rare mountain species such as Eland, Elephants and Buffalo.

Distance - 8 km

Duration - 4 hours

Altitude gain -500m, 1640ft.

Camp - Marania Camp.


Day 2

Depart the camp after breakfast walking up through the moorland looking back on more magnificent view of the north, and the peaks ahead that make up KT Kenya Massif.

Lunch is at the Marania spring which is the source of the river that runs by Marania Camp. A beautiful lunch spot especially if there are some curious Zebras around.

Arrive in Majors Camp after walking through the rolling hills make up the moorland zone,which some say resemble the highlands of Scotland, The Camp is set up at the base of the valley near some very dramatic rock faces.some wildlife have been known to frequent the area, previous guest have had sightings of the rare Serval cat.


Distance - 14 km

Duration  -8 hours

Altitude gain - 600m, 1970ft

Camp - Majors Camp.


Day 3

Start the long gradual hike up towards the lower Simba Tarn. This walk is definitely an experience that resembles no other, with an extremely unique lunar landscape coupled with very distinctive vegetation. This your first glimpse of fabulous groundsels and lobelias. In the Hobley Valley below the massifs of Terer and sendeyo, named after 2 Maasai wise men, you will see a Large number of Giant Groundsel. This vegetation is endemic to Mt Kenya with its unique adaptions to huge day to day temperature changes.

Arrive at the Simba Tarn Camp at the Hinde Valley and aptly named Gorged Valley. This views from Simba Tarn camp are breath taking with the summit of Point Lenana tantalisingly close.


Distance - 12 km

Duration - 8hours

Altitude gain - 850m,2790ft

Camp - Simba Tarn camp.


Day 4

An early start is required to prepare yourself for the two and a half walk to the summit, 4985m to watch the best sun rise you will ever see and maybe a glimpse of Mt Kilimanjaro.

You will find breath taking views of the massifs of Batian and Nelion and of the valleys below as they are slowly illuminated by the Sun's rays.

Enjoy a hot cup of tea or hot chocolate and reflect on your achievement with scenic view.

You then descent for a full breakfast and then down the southern side of the mountain to camp at the MET station on the edge of the forest at approximately 3000m. Collection is from the Met station at 3pm


Distance - 18km

Duration -12 hours

Altitude gain -335m,1,100ft

Camp - Met station.


Post Expedition Accommodation

 An extension of a safari can be arranged in Olpejeta sanctuary, Samburu game reserve or fly to the famous Maasai Mara game reserve.

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