One  of the world's most unique ecosystem the 22,000 km square Tsavo area is made up of the Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Park. It is based in Kenya and one of the largest in Africa.

Tsavo hosts Kenya's largest and one of Africa's biggest elephant population.

The area itself is notably different from other parts of the country with unique and rare geological phenomenon. It's dotted with volcanic cones, hosts the world's longest lava flow known as Yatta Plateau and the marvel that are Mzima springs-natural springs that are replenished with litres of crystal clear water every day from underground streams from the Chyulu Hills.

The Tsavo ecosystem has two Rivers which are a life line to the wildlife apart from the rain.

Tsavo is special; its a semi-arid habitat, all the big five are residents here, semi arid species like the gerenuk, oryx and the Somali ostrich are also found here. Very rich bird life is an awe to all that take a Tsavo walk.

Contact us for a detailed itinerary for a walking Safari 

     1- Tsavo Trek.    ( 11days)

      2-Galana Trek.   (6 days)

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