Standing at 5,199 meters above sea level, Mt Kenya is the second-highest mountain in Africa but to our eyes, this is the most beautiful mountain in Africa. Mt Kenya provides the best technical alpine climbing in Africa combined with incredible and challenging treks, this is s real climber’s mountain.

The highest peak of the mountain is Batian-5199meters(17057ft) and Nelion-5188meters(17021ft) which are technical ascents. Point Lenana -4985meters,(16355ft) is the highest trekking peak.

Mt Kenya is located in central Kenya just south of the Equator, around 150 km north-northwest of the capital city, Nairobi. Mt Kenya is the source of the name of the Republic of Kenya.

Chogoria Route

The Chogoria Route is considered the most beautiful and scenic route on Mt Kenya, you will pass the most unique areas on the mountain, including Lake Ellis, The Gorges Valley before you arrive in the Alpine zone at high altitude. It’s important that this trek is taken slowly to reduce the effects of altitude sickness. Mt Kenya is a very steep mountain. Day to day the group will not cover a lot of ground, however, they will achieve and go beyond the daily recommended altitude gain limits. keep the group together and stop regularly.

1st Day
Arrive at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, pick up and transfer to Pan Afric Hotel.

2nd Day
0730hrs,pick from hotel and depart to the start of our route, it’s a 4 and half hours drive to the other side of the mountain. We stop at Embu town and have lunch at Issac Walton hotel. Later drive to the start of our trek.The group will meet the Mountain crew and the Trip Leader will introduce the group. The porters will pack the allocated luggage and begin their trek to camp. we will arrive at camp and tea and coffee will be ready, dinner and overnight at camp. Our camp will be 10,150ft. 7km

3rd Day
After breakfast we will head to our camp for lunch, we will take a detour to Nithi Falls which is the biggest Fall in the mountain. Have lunch and rest. Acclimatization in the afternoon to Mugi Hills and come back for dinner. Our camp will be at 11450ft.8 km

4th Day
The Trek to Minto camp takes 5 to 6 hours, therefore we will aim to have an early breakfast and head out of camp. It’s a beautiful scenic trek that takes you up along the ridge overlooking the Gorges Valley and later in the day to Lake Michaelson. We will stop for picnic lunch, then traverse along the ridge before the ascent into Minto camp.

5th Day
This is the summit day, wake up at around 2.30 am have a light breakfast, and depart for the summit. This is the best way to experience the summit of Mt Kenya and enjoy the expansive views of the mountain, valley, and countryside below.It’s normally a 4-hour walk to Point Lenana from our camp. After the summit, we descend down to Mackinders for lunch and proceed to MET STATION for the day.13000ft.12km

Final Day
After breakfast, we say goodbye to our mountain crew and walk down to the park Gate Headquarters where our walk ends. lunch and drive back to Nairobi for a 4-hour drive.


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