Mt. Kilimanjaro Expedition

Kilimanjaro is the tallest free standing mountain in the world, in that it’s not connected to other peaks in a range. Because of its proximity to theindian ocean, the equator and tremendous height, Kilimanjaro boasts up to five ecological zones, with each zone being a world of its own , with unique Flora and Fauna found in a few other places in Africa.

Day 1

Leave early from Nairobi to tarakea border (4 hours drive), clear with the immigration department of both countries and later proceed to Rongai gate, our starting point.Meet with your mountain crew for introduction and registration with our Park Ranger. Have Lunch and start your climb to our first camp.

The track then starts to climb consistently but gently through attractive forest that shelters a variety of wildlife including the rare Columbus monkey.

Elevation: 8600ft

Duration: 3 Hours

Distance: 5Km

Camp: Simba


Day 2

After breakfast we depart to third cave. We leave the treeline and vegetation and walk in the alpine zone where we will stop for lunch, have a short rest then continue to our camp.

Elevation: 13000ft

Duration: 7 hours

Distance: 11 km

Camp: Third Cave


Day 3

We cross the lunar desert of the saddle between the third and school hut at the bottom of the crater wall. The remainder of the day is spent resting in preparation of the summit.

Elevation: 15400ft

Duration: 6 hours

Distance 10 km

Camp: School hut


Day 4:

We will start the final and most demanding part of the climb by torchlight after midnight; we will pod very slowly in the darkness on a switchback trail through loosw volcanic scree to reach the crater rim at Gilman’s point(19000ft).

We rest for a short while to enjoy the sunrise over passing close to the spectacular glacier and ice cliff that still occupy most of the summit area uhuru Peak, 19,360Ft. We descend to kibo hut fir brunch and continue to our last camp

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